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Why graphic designers hate using Microsoft Word

As a designer who has a lot of corporate clients and creates large reports and documents, I’m often asked at the end of the project whether or not it’s possible for the client to edit the text or photos for future versions

My reply is always, absolutely, happy to supply you with the original artwork if you have Adobe InDesign.

‘Ah…can’t I just edit it in Word?’

If you’re looking for a document you can edit in Word, then you’re not going to get a finished product that looks professional, bleeds off the edge of the page and has design elements that you could never achieve in Word. It’s not built that way and it’s not built for creative types who want the freedom to mix things up. It’s a rigid program that drives designers crazy.

I bet most designers cringe or sigh when faced with having to reproduce a design they’ve spent days or weeks producing only to be told it needs to now be useable in Word.

Word is great for formatting text and using styles and lots of other things that I wouldn’t have a clue about but it is not a design program. In fact, professional printers won’t accept a Word document as an artwork file.

No matter how amazing your designer is, you won’t get an innovative, creative finished product using Word. At best, you’ll get a document template that has a header and footer and some text styles for headings etc.

Next time you’re talking with your designer ask them this little quiz.

Which is more painful:

  1. Pins in your eyes
  2. Swallowing battery acid
  3. Using Word for a design layout.

I’m pretty sure you now know the answer!