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Pick your target

Often when we ask clients if they know their target market for a particular piece of marketing material, they will say ‘everyone’. You can’t be everything to everyone. Define your target market and you’ll reach the people that matter most.

Tip 1: Ask questions first

Ask yourself who is the main audience for the flyer, poster, landing page, social media post? What actions do you want them to take and what information, products, and services attract your target audience? Will they be more attracted to words, photos or illustrations? Once you have answered these questions your designer can begin to create with a clear understanding of the message and tailor the design to appeal to your target market.

Tip 2: Know your audience

Undertake some research about your audience so you can be sure what you’re asking for is going to reach the people that matter. For example, you’ve asked your designer to create an advertisement for the local paper and your target audience is 18-25 females. Is this the best way to spend your dollar? You’d have more success creating well-designed Facebook adverts targeting this market. If you want to attract a 45+ market that live close to your business, the local paper might be a good option for your product or service.

Tip 3: What do you stand for?

Regardless of whom your target audience is they are united by a common desire to know why they should invest their time and money in you, your products or services. When you target an audience they will want to relate to you to understand what you stand for. This might be quality products and services, experts in the field, integrity and honesty or the promise of a fun time. Understand what it is that your company stands for and use this message to attract your target audience.

Tip 4: Make a statement

Create a positioning statement for each audience. Use a consistent format such as ‘for this target audience, our product/service provides these benefits that are unique to us.’ Incorporate the positioning statement in all your marketing communications so that your audience receive consistent messages at each point of contact with your company. Ensure the tone of voice for your statement is aimed for your audience. Your audience wants to be spoken to in words they understand and relate to.

If you’d like help defining or communicating to your target market, pH is here for you.