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If you own a business, you have a brand

Confused about branding vs marketing?

What if the word ‘branding’ was replaced by the word ‘reputation’?

Now, branding seems really important.

Every business is concerned about their reputation, and if not, they should be. It’s your reputation that ensures people keep coming back to you again and again. It’s your reputation that provides ‘word of mouth’ referrals. It’s really the lifeblood of your business.

Branding is the pull. In other words, a brand does not say buy me, it says this is what I am, why I exist and if you like me, support me. It’s what aligns your target market with your business.

Marketing is the push. It’s getting the word out in many different formats e.g. flyers, website, social media, youtube videos, cinema advertising, industry magazines, billboards.

Your brand will inform how your marketing is created, what channels you use to promote your business and the tone of voice you use to convey your business service or products.

pH creative can work with you to help unlock your unique brand.