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5 reasons to send a printed Christmas card

Is cutting the corporate Christmas card from the marketing budget really a good idea? Or is this marketing and relationship-building opportunity being missed?

Our top 5 reasons to send a personalised Christmas card.

1. HTML emails are no replacement.

Promotional emails definitely have their place, but not as a replacement for a Christmas card. The reason is simple. The tradition of sending and receiving cards is so strong within our culture that it can’t just be replaced by the ease of e-mail.

The sending of a Christmas card is not just like sending a seasonal flyer or leaflet. It taps into a whole tradition of personalised card giving which has its own emotional values attached and can’t be replaced by electronic means.

 2. It’s the season to look for new suppliers.

For many businesses, the end of the year is a natural review point. For existing customers, a corporate Christmas card is a great reminder that you value their business and look forward to continuing a great relationship.

For potential customers, a corporate Christmas card can be a wonderfully timed piece of marketing which says ‘Is your current supplier not treasuring your business? We will.’

3. It goes against the current trend.

As businesses stop sending out Christmas cards, the impact your own card can make is greatly increased. You’ll stand out from the crowd.

4. Christmas cards help you stop and take a breath.

In a world of digital and with attention spans so short, a Christmas card will slow you down. It reminds you what’s important and is a tradition that many people highly value.

5. It can kick-start new business for the new year.

January and February often constitute the ‘quiet’ time of year. Placing a new year offer within your Christmas card can be a great way to stimulate new business during January and February.

Contact us, we’d love to help you create a Christmas card that truly represents your business.