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Create a newsletter that your audience will want to read

Content is king but design can make all the difference between someone skimming over the stories and sitting down to read your newsletter from front to back (or top to bottom if its an enewsletter).

If you’re using more than three fonts, cluttering up the pages with unnecessary clipart and using all the colours of the rainbow, then you’re probably not doing your readers any favours.

The first lesson of good newsletter design is to practice the 3Cs:

Be consistent with your fonts and your colour palette. This will help the reader to make sense of the content.

Conserve valuable newsletter space by not filling it up with unnecessary and distracting visual elements. One good image, relevant to your story, is all you need.

Conserve your readers’ time and eyesight by choosing a font for its readability and, when possible, allow plenty of white space for your reader to rest their eyes.

Ensure your content is well written in plain language. Avoid extra long sentences but make sure your heading is punchy and grabs attention. Aim for a short, well-written article, full of information that your audience will want to read.

A digital or hardcopy newsletter can be a useful tool to let your clients and stakeholders know what’s happening in your business. It’s also a great way to introduce them to projects, staff and upcoming promotions.

If you need help planning, writing or designing your business newsletter, pH creative is here for you.