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We helped Barcoo and Diamantina Shires secure $5.25m

pH creative recently helped Barcoo and Diamantina Shires secure $5.25m of Australian Government Royalties for Regions funding towards a critical regional optic fibre project.

Connecting Remote Communities ReportWe coordinated and edited relevant information for the Royalties for Regions submission and ensured all key messages were consistent. We also wrote and designed an overview document highlighting the connectivity issues facing the Barcoo and Diamantina communities, which also formed part of the Royalties for Regions submission.

This project will provide 700 km of optic fibre to connect the Bedourie, Birdsville, Jundah, Stonehenge and Windorah communities to the national optic fibre network, replacing an ageing, low-capacity radio network incapable of high bandwidth, real- time applications.

This is a critical project for the people of these communities as it will enhance livability, support economic growth (including the natural resource sector), improve health and education services delivery and improve community safety.

It will give the five communities access to modern fixed-line and mobile voice, data and video telecommunications – technology the rest of Australia takes for granted.

In recent years, we’ve worked with the seven Central West Queensland councils (Barcaldine Region, Barcoo Shire, Blackall-Tambo Region, Boulia Shire, Diamantina Shire, Longreach Region and Winton Shire) to campaign and successfully apply for state and federal funding for key road infrastructure projects (including through the Queensland Government’s Regional Safety and Development Program).